The final (?) Brady Watch

Is he done done? It finally seems that way. After a relatively lackluster 2022, season Tom Brady announced his retirement this morning:

He retires as the most accomplished NFL quarterback, ever, by some margin. Aside from the SEVEN super bowl rings, his passing statistics are way beyond anyone. Between the regular season and playoffs, for example, he has more than 100,000 passing yards. Drew Brees is second with 85K — no one else has 80,000.

In the Apples & Oranges system, he finishes with a combined rating of 31.20, the best among modern quarterbacks, edging out Peyton Manning’s 30.89 (Sammy Baugh, a two-way player who also punted, is still tops at 32.18). Unlike Brees, Manning and Brett Favre, Brady’s late-career (relative) decline never cost him points off his rating. While the other three lost points in their final seasons, Brady always had a net-positive outcome.

Among all modern players, he trails only Jim Brown’s 31.36. It’s been an amazing career to watch, totally unprecedented in his ability to stay productive in the most physically punish sport there is. We’ll not see his like again.

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