List: Beyond the Top 20 — players with ratings of 30.00 or more

The home page lists the best of the best, the athletes who stood taller, for longer, among their contemporaries (and, uh, Karl Malone. Sorry, there’s always one …)

But the inevitable question occurs when you reach the end of the list … who’s next? Or maybe it’s, “where are the football players?” The top 20 is dominated by three sports that allow all-rounders to shine. The specialists show up a bit later.

What was interesting was that the 30-point mark became this convenient round number separating the true greats from the rest. Everyone over 30.00 is an unquestioned hall-of-famer. Below that, it can be arguable.

But even in this rarified air, there is a sliding scale. The top 20 have a 5-point spread, from 37.69 to 32.65. The next 2.65 points encompass 47 players. As you go done the list, it keeps getting more crowded.

We’ll actually start with Tris Speaker, in anticipation of the inevitable day when LeBron James bumps him off the front page.

SportGamesTotalPer 160Rating
Tris SpeakerBaseball2809279.4215.9232.63
Walter JohnsonBaseball808177.5119.2032.53
Frank WoolleyCricket978129.0321.1132.47
Oscar RoberstonBasketball1126143.8320.4432.43
Allen IversonBasketball985129.3921.0232.39
Garry SobersCricket47870.0023.8632.23
Honus WagnerBaseball2809274.7515.6532.23
Johan CruijffSoccer61888.1222.8132.20
Sammy BaughFootball17128.6726.8332.18
Wilfred RhodesCricket1110140.8820.3132.18
Ted WilliamsBaseball2299239.3716.6632.13
Richard HadleeCricket66084.9722.7331.94
Wally HammondCricket63488.6922.3831.80
Eddie CollinsBaseball2860270.3415.1231.57
Stan MusialBaseball3049281.5414.7731.55
Frank RobinsonBaseball2843268.7715.1331.52
Maurice TateCricket67992.7421.8531.48
Jim BrownFootball12220.4626.8331.36
Rogers HornsbyBaseball2271229.7616.1931.35
Mickey MantleBaseball2466242.5915.7431.32
Gerd MüllerSoccer62586.0122.0231.29
Hakeem OlajuwonBasketball1383160.8018.6031.28
Tim DuncanBasketball1643182.4917.7731.28
Steve Van BurenFootball8714.8927.3831.24
Tich FreemanCricket59282.0522.1831.23
Jerry WestBasketball1085132.7019.5731.09
Alfredo Di StéfanoSoccer69593.0621.4231.07
Nap LajoieBaseball2480240.6715.5331.04
Larry BirdBasketball1061129.9019.5930.99
Mel OttBaseball2745256.2914.9430.95
Julius ErvingBasketball1432162.7418.1830.94
Joe DiMaggioBaseball1787191.1117.1130.94
Peyton ManningFootball29344.3724.2330.89
Kevin GarnettBasketball1605176.4117.5930.87
Wayne GretzkyHockey1788190.3217.0330.83
Dan CarterRugby Union34350.6923.6530.77
Don HutsonFootball12119.8926.2930.75
Newsy LalondeHockey31646.8723.7330.58
Joe MorganBaseball2699249.0014.7630.54
Elgin BaylorBasketball980119.9219.5830.53
Rickey HendersonBaseball3141273.8713.9530.50
Gunnar NordahlSoccer32948.3523.5130.47
Lou GehrigBaseball2198215.2515.6730.34
Aubrey FaulknerCricket11819.0425.8230.18
Bob PettitBasketball880108.3419.7030.11
Alex RodriguezBaseball2860252.3714.1230.00

A-Rod coming in exactly at the cutoff is right on brand. As promised, it’s a more diverse list, with football, hockey and rugby all getting someone in.

But the questions linger. Where’s Maradona? Magic Johnson? Remember when I said that 30 points was a great cutoff? Well, that’s mostly true, but you should see some of the names in the 29-plus range. They deserve their own posting, coming soon …

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