Tom Brady watch

After a big bump in 2017, Tom Brady inched up a tenth of a point in 2018. Following the 2019 Super Bowl, he sits at 30.33, still 0.66 behind Peyton Manning. Has he plateaued? There was just a hint of regression this year, and it may be that after 309 games, time is catching up with him.

The top 5 (retired) quarterbacks by the Apples & Oranges method:

  1. Sammy Baugh, 32.18
  2. Peyton Manning, 30.89
  3. Sid Luckman, 28.35
  4. Dan Marino, 27.52
  5. Steve Young, 27.22

Brady’s right there; he just needs one more great season to get past Manning. Baugh is out of reach, but I suspect most football fans won’t count a QB who started playing in the 1930s. Brett Favre lost a full point in his last, ill-fated seasons, but I don’t see Brady slipping to that extent, and he has a big cushion to Luckman, so the third spot, at least, is probably locked up.

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